Chatbot for Kevin Parker Horseboxes

KPH Chatbot Case Study

KPH are very active on Facebook with 19,000 followers and high levels of engagement.

But this was generating lots of questions from people in response to their posts. So, they needed a system to handle all the enquiries when they were busy or away from the office.

Messenger Chatbot Solution

We built a Welcome Flow to show people the different ranges of Horseboxes, allowing them to get general information and then give them options to find out more and handle the general questions.

We also created auto response messages to specific keywords that we had seen being used in Facebook posts.

There is a facility for a Human response by allowing the client to monitor things from his mobile and step in if there is an urgency required to the enquiry.

For the launch in November 2017 we had a two pronged campaign to get people to subscribe:

  • Changed the Facebook styling to encourage people to Send Message
  • Ran a Facebook Advert campaign to our known demographic audience, who were not already followers of the KPH Facebook Page.

Within 2 weeks we had 525 new subscribers

Since then we have refined the Flows and keyword responses but have not done any further paid advertising.

Regular Broadcast

We now Broadcast to them once a month with useful articles on Horseboxes (not promotional) and give them the option to easily unsubscribe if they don’t want any further contact from KPH.

What has it achieved?

  1. They now have 600 plus active subscribers
  2. For each monthly broadcast we are getting the following results:
  • Average open rates of 96%
  • Average click rates of 42%
  1. Increase in people completing enquiry forms on the website

We get a very low number of unsubscribers every month – because they are getting relevant info delivered to their phone.

Give the KPH chatbot a try – just click on the logo