Messenger Chatbots

Did you know that 90% of consumers rate an “immediate response as important or very important” when they have a customer service question? Even though people want immediate help, they don’t necessarily want to talk to a human. Infact, many prefer (62%) conversing with a bot

Strong Partnerships

“By understanding our customers business, we have built long-term partnerships to support and guide them.”

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    Messenger Chatbots

    Facebook Messenger makes it easy to integrate chat bots that deliver welcome messages, specific responses and more, to handle customer queries. If you already have a Facebook Business page then you are ready to start engaging with your potential customers at a time and place that is best for them

    Send Message

    By enabling the Send Message optionon your Facebook page you are giving people an easy way of getting touch with you from their mobile phone.

    To see the KPH messenger chatbot working click here

    Customer Engagement

    Once a customer sends the initial messages you then have a‘24 hour messaging window’to respond with info and a promotional message.

    Any contact after 24 hours is strictly controlled by Facebook or you have to pay for sponsored messages.

    But if they get back in touch–then you have another 24 hours to respond.

    Creating a unique Chatbot for your company

    This is an overview of the process we go through:

    1. Understanding the Problem

    Do you have lots of recurring questions that are leading to a less effective customer service team as they are forced to spend time on things that could be automated, while they should be spending time on more complex issues?

    2. Design Phase

    We start designing a chat flow.This is a visual representation of how the bot works.

    It will also cover things like:

    • What happens when someone wants to talk to a real human?
    • What happens if the bot does not recognize what the user said 2 or 3 times?

    3. Development

    We now start testing the bot by enabling conversational analytics.

    This will allow us to actually validate what we thought the users would ask and will show us things we have not thought about.

    Data is key during the development of a chatbot.

    4. Continuous Improvement

    Once the final delivery has been made the chatbot will need updates as we gain more data and we see what users are asking or requesting

    Our Chatbots in Action