Ultimate Sound Experience

We have been working with the marketing teams at JVCKENWOOD UK on many different projects over the last few years.

But the latest campaign on #JVC Headphones new XX for Club Sound range has been the one that has created the biggest buzz and interest on Social Media, so far!

Just launched in the UK

Combining premium club sound and fashionable design, XX for Club Sound headphones and earphones offer a true club experience wherever you are. XX for Club Sound covers the full range of bass and clear mid to high tones, offering you unparalleled sound excitement.

Social Media activities

Our main focus has been to raise the awareness and profile of the new headphones range by running competitions on the JVC House of Sound (JVCHOS) FACEBOOK and Twitter platforms. Plus we have been promoting the hashtag #XXClubSound

The visuals and the competition landing pages have been created by our designers using product and lifestyle images provided by the client.

From previous competitions that we have run on JVCHOS, we know what works (and what doesn’t) for the two different social demographic audiences that are attracted and engaging with JVCHOS on FACEBOOK and Twitter.

Measuring success

We measure the different means of engagement; likes, shares, comments and follows. Plus we ask people to enter the competition with their name and email.

The client then gets a list of people who are interested in receiving email newsletters with special promotions and offers.