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Kenwood Car Entertainment | Kenwood Dash Cams | Kenwood Ham Radios.

Kenwood Customer Support Portal

The Challenge

The client wanted to find a more efficient way of handling the large number of email questions they get from their  websites.

Our Solution

We created a unique system that combines a Help Desk ticketing website with a Messenger Chatbot.

→ Kenwood Help Desk

The user can log a question in the following categories: Technical Support – Product Queries – Product Issues

The Kenwood Support Agents are notified when a ticket is allocated to them. They respond with full details and the user is notified.

→ Kenwood Chatbot

The chatbot is designed to handle basic product questions about the full range of  Kenwood consumer products.

If  the response needs a fuller explanation, then the user is sent to the Kenwood Help Desk.

The Results

Staff have more time to deal with the serious questions and enquiries.

Pre-sales questions have been answered and converted into actual sales.

Management can assess resources and any common product issues.

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